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GRAPHICS The price of a glass of milk

It’s a fact: the milk is getting more expensive. Why, and who benefits most? To find out, see what’s behind the price of a glass of milk (250 ml)

June 19, columnist Dubuc of La Presse tried to demonstrate the “problem” of Quebec milk prices by comparing it with the price of milk in the United States.


A fixed price in Quebec

First recall that the price of milk in Quebec is set by the board of agricultural and food markets in Quebec.

This award is established so it would cover the production costs of 50% of the most productive dairy producers in the province. In two words, it should reflect what it costs in Quebec to produce milk.

Currently, the supermarket, the liter of milk (4-l) is sold at a minimum price of $ 1.58 (maximum of $ 1.73).

This means that a Quebec 250ml glass of milk costs between $ 0.40 and $ 0.43.

In the US, a gallon of milk*** (3.8 L) is selling $ 1 * (on average, Canadian dollars).

The American milk glass costs $ 0.25.

In short, Quebecers pay their milk between 15 and 18 cents more than the other side of the border.

From the producer

Now push the calculation one step further: how the milk producer receives glasses of milk?

In Quebec, the gross price received by the producer (in 2011) is about $ 0.20 per glass of milk. To this, we must subtract about a penny for marketing costs (transportation costs, contribution to the Union of Agricultural Producers, advertising expenses, etc.).

In the US, the producer receives $ 0.13 for the same glass of milk. It is less. However, it enjoys government support. If it is difficult to establish precisely how many US producers receive public money (these data are not disclosed), a 2011 study ** estimated that for every liter of milk, the US producer receives $ 0.31 the state. This equates to $ 0.08 per 250 ml glass.

The amount of state support is an estimate. Except that in considering the margin of error, we can establish safe to say that they operate here and in our southern neighbors, dairy farmers receive about the same amount for their white gold.

The share of retailer

So why is it so expensive milk in Quebec? It’s not clear.

Clearly, retailers and processors grant higher margins in Quebec.

“According to a Senate committee, milk is more expensive in Canada because of the greater concentration of retail,” says François Dumontier, spokesperson of Milk Producers Federation of Quebec.

“In the US, producers are victims of large fluctuations in the milk price continue Mr. Dumontier. The milk crisis is real there. Moreover, they lead slowly towards a form of supply management, as in Quebec. ”


* Because they were more complete and for comparison purposes, we used 2011 data to perform our calculations.

** According to a study by the Nielsen Company commissioned by the International Federation of milk.

*** How much does a gallon of milk weigh: The weight of a U.S. gallon of milk will vary slightly depending on the liquid’s density, but it will normally be around 8.6 pounds.

Five tips to help you produce your present to your women  in the best possible way

The Christmas are full of commitments that can we generated a lot of stress if we do not manage them properly.

To avoid conflicts with your partner or family. Wanting to make happy one or more people who will know that day and that makes them very excited to go and decide to give the taste is all just one day. “What to get my wife for christmas 2016?”A great gift can make Christmas day better with your wife and family,so you should think about it first to get the ideas.

Five tips to help you produce in the best possible way:

1- Before going try to adjust your expectations regarding the meeting, that is, if you know that standing limps each family member and how often spend a given meeting, not idealize the meeting imagining it will be otherwise. This will help get frustrated and can not accept the situation better. In turn, will help you visualize how graceful exit previously in some tense moments that can be generated which will give you confidence in yourself and allow you to cope with more strength the meeting.

2- Take a dose of good humor, will help you see things differently, try to bring out the funny side to the difficult times that can always give and when you make jokes that are not offensive. Perhaps you from becoming infected your positivity and help you’re all but only more relaxed, or you can choose to laugh inside and see the friendly side without sharing, desestresará you and give you a truce.

3- Avoid takes topics that may be controversial, whether policy issues, “dirty laundry” of the past or topics that you know in advance that will generate a mismatch. Perhaps in these meetings the best option is to talk about trivial things, anecdotes and neutral comments that allow the evening can develop the most practical way. Avoid confrontations will allow you to feel more comfortable.

4- If the conversations that are generated you’re bored, or you are unpleasant, you can always choose to be present without being listening to what is said. What I mean by this? You can take the opportunity to focus on taste food and concentrate on all shades and textures. If you make this practice of “eating consciously” you will isolate for a few moments the world, eat slowly, savor it to the full and feel comfortable with the feelings that awaken your palate and to have the opportunity to have a plate what to eat, think many people these days do not have this possibility, so in that sense you are a lucky person.

5- Do not force yourself to put a face you do not want to offer or try to please everyone, it is just applying the above strategies to achieve feel as relaxed as possible before and during the meeting and once finished the meal can decide to go if you want you to stay a little longer and if you feel you’ve had enough you can say you’ve been or have other commitments and you have to go.

Once you’re out, give yourself a “treat” for having the courage to face the celebration, you can do anything you like, for example, go to the movies, go out for coffee with your partner or a friend, see chapter one of those series that you like or take a leisurely stroll. Reward yourself with a little detail to comfort you.

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An air fryer review change my eating habit

I have to admit that I’m a fried food lover, especially fried chicken. I can eat fried chicken everyday without getting bored, from chicken thigh, chicken breast to chicken wing. However, I could do nothing but stop eating my favourite foods and you all know why. Fatty foods have never been an option for daily meals. People try to eat as much pure dishes as possible, stay away from fried foods because it is no good for a good looking and healthy body. Everything changes until one day I surf the web and was so much attracted to an air fryer review on, saying that fried food is no more obession for those who go on diet. How could it be possible? I clicked on that article right away.

I read the article slowly and carefully, still asking myseft the same question: how could it be even possibly true? I read one more review, and then a lot of reviews to make sure the one I read before is not a joke from someone who just wants to attract likes and traffic. Finally, I believe it is a breakthough of cooking machine industry, it is real!

I bought one a week later, put it in my kitchen and start the very first dish: fried chicken thigh. As I studied a lot about the machine through a lot of main websites, I know how to use the machine right after skimming through the instructions sheet.

I started to brush a very thin layer of oil all over the spiced chicken thighs. I put all the chicken thighs into the tray inside the it. Then, I set up the timer with the right temperature, sit on the couch watching some television. I’ve got a little bit nervous whether it could be as good as all the advertising and reviews. Twenty minutes later, the alert notification rang and I went to the kitchen to take out the tray. Can you guess how it was? It was amazing! All the chicken thighs were so crispy outside just like they were swimming in the pool of oil! I was so excited, I use a knife to cut the thigh to see what it looked like inside, and it was soft! The food was perfect because the air fryer is perfect!

Everything has changed since then, I have always used air fryer to replace for other frying machine, even grilling or toasting cooking gadgets.