An air fryer review change my eating habit

I have to admit that I’m a fried food lover, especially fried chicken. I can eat fried chicken everyday without getting bored, from chicken thigh, chicken breast to chicken wing. However, I could do nothing but stop eating my favourite foods and you all know why. Fatty foods have never been an option for daily meals. People try to eat as much pure dishes as possible, stay away from fried foods because it is no good for a good looking and healthy body. Everything changes until one day I surf the web and was so much attracted to an air fryer review on, saying that fried food is no more obession for those who go on diet. How could it be possible? I clicked on that article right away.

I read the article slowly and carefully, still asking myseft the same question: how could it be even possibly true? I read one more review, and then a lot of reviews to make sure the one I read before is not a joke from someone who just wants to attract likes and traffic. Finally, I believe it is a breakthough of cooking machine industry, it is real!

I bought one a week later, put it in my kitchen and start the very first dish: fried chicken thigh. As I studied a lot about the machine through a lot of main websites, I know how to use the machine right after skimming through the instructions sheet.

I started to brush a very thin layer of oil all over the spiced chicken thighs. I put all the chicken thighs into the tray inside the it. Then, I set up the timer with the right temperature, sit on the couch watching some television. I’ve got a little bit nervous whether it could be as good as all the advertising and reviews. Twenty minutes later, the alert notification rang and I went to the kitchen to take out the tray. Can you guess how it was? It was amazing! All the chicken thighs were so crispy outside just like they were swimming in the pool of oil! I was so excited, I use a knife to cut the thigh to see what it looked like inside, and it was soft! The food was perfect because the air fryer is perfect!

Everything has changed since then, I have always used air fryer to replace for other frying machine, even grilling or toasting cooking gadgets.